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    We’ve all been asked the question, “So,what is it you do?” Well on this site you can really tell us what it is you do all day long at your job. From the ridiculous to the just plain stupid. Now’s your chance to divulge the absurd, and often humorous aspects of your 9 to 5 grind. […]


Somedays I sit at work and wonder how this happened to me. 12 years in a cubicle with no end in site. Work sucks. Anyone else feel this way? Wait, almost the entire country you say. It’s quite a system we’ve developed here isn’t it. My advice, don’t even start. It’s just a vicious cycle […]

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Headset Malfunction

There’s a guy I work with who’s clueless among other things. Me and some other co-workers have been sabotaging his headset weekly by pulling off the foam mouth piece protection and putting tape over the microphone. So far he has ordered 3 new headsets and it’s almost not even funny anymore. But to watch him […]

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How NOT to Fix a Typo on a Cake

I work in a small office where we celebrate everyone’s birthday. Each birthday cake is purchased by the person with the previous birthday. Let’s call that person Amber. Amber picked up the b-day cake she ordered, brought it in the office, and I noticed the name was spelled wrong. Amber hadn’t noticed. She then suggested […]

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This is important, please hurry!

We recently got a form of instant messenger on all our computers where I work. Everyone thinks it’s great because not only can you instantly see if someone is on the network but our outside customers who have the same capabilities can as well. Email and the phone just weren’t cutting it anymore; we need […]

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Ergonomics Assistant

I work in a large building with cubicles galore and hence plenty of young, unassuming new employees almost daily. About two or three times a year me and another guy walk abound with clip boards, posing as Health and Safety committee members. We target only beautiful, new employees and proceed to check their work area […]

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My Sanctuary

Driving a delivery truck has made my work days so much better. Before I got this job I used to work on a concrete crew and the physical labor and degenerates I worked with drove me nuts. So I got a job delivering to local grocery stores and now my truck is my fortress of […]

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Get some Axe dude

Omg, the guy I sit next to has the worst BO ever! The sad part is, he’s really hot and works out everyday. He just doesn’t shower or something before coming to work after the gym. Does anybody else have this problem with people they sit near? How do I tell this guy nicely that […]

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